WOMEN! Are you searching for an organization not focused on just partying and sitting around? Search no further, Gamma Epsilon Chi Sorority, Inc. is looking for your mind, body & spirit to conquer, achieve and go far beyond what’s already here. Let’s welcome a team, a bond, a unique eternity of sisterhood with Timeless Friendship, Leadership, Sophistication, Harmony & Service. Your journey to becoming a better woman, leader, achiever and GAMMA starts here!

WOMEN! Many of you have sat and still sit still dreaming of change. Many of you dream to be a part of a bigger picture. The picture will only be defined by you and how you choose to design your vision. Is your vision to have a family, a family of sisterhood for life that's dedicated to not only have fun, but more importantly bring peace, unity & equality among not ONE, not TWO, but ALL communities. ​​Open the door, get closer to your dream and never stop reaching! Gamma Epsilon Chi Sorority dreams the same, dreams we will mold into reality. 

Sisters of Gamma Epsilon Chi Sorority, Inc. strives to transform an individual through sisterhood, cooperation, leadership, and diversity into not only sisters of a sorority, but into leadership roles . With these qualities a true sister will not only be able to lead the sorority to greater heights but other social and professional endeavors she chooses. Gamma Epsilon Chi Sorority, Inc. are sisters of CHANGE + UNITY + EQUALITY. These are characteristics for a better tomorrow leading to a better world!
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"Timeless Friendship through Sisterhood, Service, and Diversity"

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.
"We must step up in UNITY to bring down the barriers that so strongly keep us from our own survival. It doesn't take schooling to educate ourselves on doing right with own our lives. If we must, we will work together to lead for the better & not follow death."

Sorors of Gamma Epsilon Chi Sorority, Inc.

Gamma Epsilon Chi Sorority, Inc.